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We constantly monitor heating oil prices across the UK to bring you the best offers from our suppliers.

Domestic Heating oil prices are primarily determined by a combination of demand and global oil prices. Historically, prices have always risen during the last three months of the year because users order for the approaching winter, increasing short-term demand. Prices will then drop off again as the summer months approach.

The average price for heating oil we have displayed during today, Wednesday 8 December is 63.95 ppl

There will be variations above and below this price depending on your location, which will be reflected in your personal quote price.

What Affects Local Prices for Heating Oil?

Local prices for heating oil vary throughout the UK. This is due to global price fluctuations brought about by climate or political events, and local variations which include:


If there are a numerous suppliers serving in your area, the local market will drive down prices as they compete for custom.


Transport costs form part of the price quoted, so if you live in a remote location meaning the tanker needs to travel further to get to you, the price may be higher. The distance from their wholesaler’s oil refinery or bulk storage facility will also affect the transport aspect of a supplier’s wholesale costs.


Local climate variations will cause local prices to rise through increased short-term demand. Severe adverse weather, such as large snowfalls, may also affect a supplier’s ability to receive sufficient bulk deliveries to cope with increased demand.

How You Get The Best Price from Us

By encouraging as many suppliers as possible who deliver to your area, to submit their best price to our site every single day, we can always guarantee the best possible deal for you on that day, wherever you live. By checking the average nationwide price we display on this page throughout each day, you can get an idea of how current prices are trending.

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