Heating Oil Payment Plan

You can save-up for the next time you need a heating oil delivery by making regular deposits in our flexible payment plan. This service is completely free to all CompareTheOilPrice.com members

Create your Plan

Simply choose the amount you wish to deposit regularly (minimum £35 per month) plus which day each month that your deposit is to be made from your payment source.

Start Saving

These amounts will be added to your Account automatically, helping you to accumulate a balance ready to pay for your next order.

Order Anytime

Any or all of your Account balance can be used against any order, keep it as a reserve for that particularly cold winter or transfer the savings back to the payment source registered on your account.

Introducing the CompareTheOilPrice.com Payment Plan

  • You have complete control
    Our Regular Payment Plan provides you with complete control over the amounts deposited, the timing of those deposits and the use you put your funds to.
  • Manage Your Payments To Match Your Budget
    No minimum or maximum period of saving - your plan can be started, stopped or paused at any time.
  • No Supplier Restrictions
    You will always get the best price available when you place your order, and from the lowest-priced supplier.
  • No Costs To You
    Our Heating Oil Payment Plans are completely free of charge, with no hidden costs such as joining or cancellation fees.
  • Use Savings Weekends & Group Savings For Extra Savings
    Whether you want to budget for your next order, spread the cost of your heating oil throughout the year or have funds ready to take advantage of sudden price drops or special offers, the CompareTheOilPrice.com Regular Payment Plan will give you the financial freedom you need.

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