Kerosene is one of the most popular forms of fuel for heating homes located in rural or remote areas where there is no access to the National Gas Network, or where other forms of heating are not readily available.

What is Kerosene?

The majority of oil-fired boilers are now designed to use Kerosene, which can also be called ‘Kerosene 28’, ‘Kero’, ‘28 second oil’ 'Domestic Oil' or ‘Home Heating Oil’. Kerosene tends to cost less and burns more efficiently than other alternative fuels.

    Benefits from Using Kerosene

  • Cost

    As a low-cost by-product derived from distilling petroleum from crude oil, Kerosene is a more cost-effective fuel for heating your home when compared with other alternative fuels used in off-grid locations.

  • Competitive Marketplace

    Because Kerosene is such a popular choice for homeowners, there are numerous suppliers throughout the UK who provide their keenest prices to us, meaning we can apply our sophisticated software to compare current prices available in your locality and find you the best price for your next home heating oil delivery.

  • Safety

    Domestic Kerosene is a non-corrosive liquid that, when stored correctly, will remain useable for years.

  • Efficiency

    Domestic Kerosene has a very clean burn enabling it to release more heat - an 89% efficiency, compared to 79% for propane and 45% for firewood.

  • Environmental Benefits

    Domestic Kerosene burns very cleanly, with low risk of Carbon Monoxide emissions. Neither does it generate Particulates, such as soot or odours.

Kerosene Facts

  • The term Kerosene is derived from the Greek word for wax - κηρός (keros)

  • Kerosene was first distilled by a 9th century Persian scholar, Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi

  • The trademark ‘Kerosene’ was registered in 1853 by a British physician, Abraham Gesner

  • Before electricity became widely available, Kerosene was used in lanterns

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